My encaustics are made using beeswax to coat a photograph that is printed handmade fibered paper. The image is mounted on a cradled panel and when the wax penetrates the black and white image the light areas turn transparent and you can see the wood below. The color images are opaque. The top coat of wax is brushed to resemble a linen texture. Available in multiple sizes, each are made to order and are one of a kind.
Fleur Noir 01 — 14 x 14Fleur Noir 02, 12 x 12Fleur Noir 03, 16 x 16Fleur Noir 04 , 12 x 12Fleur Noir 05 16 x 16Fleur Noir 06, 12 x 12Out on a Limb, 14 x 14Reflected Trees 02 — 16 x 20Reflected Trees 01, 12 x 16Up  — 24 x 24Winter Leaves, 12 x 12Reeds, 12 x 12Winter Trees, 12 x 12Arches, 11 x 14Belle Curves 02, 12 x 18Belle Curves 03, 12 x 16Any Way the Wind Blows, 16 x 16The Grain Bins, 16 x 20Come In, 14 x 14Sunflower 16 x 16