Sandy Burr Photography | The Meadow

From the sidewalk above it was not a particularly pretty place. A patch of bramble that followed a small creek for a few hundred yards. But it was nearby and accessible and I had a new macro lens to try out. What started as practice turned into a year-long documentation of my “meadow.”

This series of images represent many forays into the meadow in all four seasons and all kinds of weather. Never was I more excited to see rain, ice, and snow.

I knew right away that this series would be in black and white so the focus remained on the shape and texture of these small wonders of nature.
Meadow 02Meadow 01Meadow 12Meadow 23Meadow 19Meadow 26Meadow 17Meadow 37Meadow 28Meadow 14Meadow 29Meadow 07Meadow 32Meadow 46Meadow 30Meadow 15Meadow 47Meadow 48Meadow 49Meadow 50