Sandy Burr Photography | Look Out!

I’ve always be drawn to photographing doors and windows. Looking in and looking out. The problem was that I was often looking into or out of a non-descript tableau. So I decided to turn some of these into possibilities of what can be. A bit of fantasy and the unexpected.

The “frame” for each scene came first. I enjoyed using images from many of the abandoned structured I have photographed. I imagined that the vistas that could be seen from these portals would be a symbol of a kind of rebirth. So that the viewer could step through and be in a place that could spark the imagination and lead to curious questions. While a few of these scenes are unaltered, most combine imagery from more than one photo.

As with much of my photography I processed these in black and white. I want the viewer to have the freedom to add their own colors and come away with their own vision.